Sherif Aziz

Entrepreneur Selection & Growth

Sherif Aziz has a great passion for Healthcare and Entrepreneurship. Upon graduating he decided to pursue a philanthropic project he envisioned to enhance the Egyptian Healthcare Sector. He went on to attend seminars and workshops to help him achieve this goal; as well as entering the project in a competition for social projects which he won, receiving mentoring and free legal services to help him and his co-founders in the founding of the NGO which they called Forsa Foundation for Healthcare Enhancement. Sherif was elected Chairman and focused on Forsa for about a year, before deciding the foundation was established enough to carry on without him being involved in the day to day operations. He then joined Endeavor Egypt as part of the Entrepreneur Selection & Growth team. Sherif holds a Bachelors in Business Studies from Loughborough University, and a Certificate in Healthcare Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Duke University.